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Orange Poplaces | Shoe Laces
Orange Poplaces | Shoe Laces | In-Shoe | Converse
Orange Poplaces | Shoe Laces | All Colours

    Orange Poplaces

      Poplaces are clever, soft and stretchy shoe laces that only need to be tied once! Thanks to the special fabric you can slip your feet in and out of your favourite footwear just like a pair of comfy slippers - genius! 

      The ideal solution for children, the elderly, or anyone that has trouble tying their laces. Poplaces are great for everyday use. school, work etc, and perfect for a variety of sports/activities - running, jogging, workouts, training, tennis, football, basketball, netball, golf, and hiking. 

      Length of laces: 90cm x 9mm
      Colour: Orange

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