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Since launching in 2012, Pop Brand’s have been growing and delivering the world's kindest brands.

Our first brand, Popband London was the brainchild of Louisa Booth. She had a dream to banish unsightly, tight, cheap hairbands that drag down even the most glamorous up-do and look scruffy next to gorgeous bracelets and bangles. As a result the Popband™ was born! Developed and tested to perfection, Louisa created the ultimate hair band for girls and women of all ages. No more dented or ripped hair, no more shabby wrist rags.

The next step was to offer the same stylish twist to footwear – Louisa set about developing Poplaces™, a super-stretchy sport shoelace that allows you to slip your shoes and trainers on and off without ever needing to undo them!

In 2019, Louisa wanted to create a product that would help her sleep well whilst travelling, allowing her to wake up fresh, well rested and bright eyed! Popmask™ was born. By using gentle heat and cool designs, our all natural, vegan and cruelty free are helping people sleep and relax around the world!

During the 2020 pandemic we wanted to create an alternative to the messy, drying hand sanitising products available. Popfresh™ hand wipes are biodegradable, individually wrapped, vegan and cruelty free, with added Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, and natural scents, they offer "Good Clean Fun".

Most recently Popspot™ has been added to the Pop Brand’s family, offering a gentle solution to break outs, just pop the dot onto the pimple and allow the magic to work overnight, waking with clearer skin.

The London design and development team at Pop HQ are constantly working on new ideas, products, in cool colours, prints and styles to satisfy our customers around the world!