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Popmask was created by Louisa Booth, who also founded the successful hair-tie brand, Popband London*! While traveling around the world to work on Popband, Louisa felt desperate for some self-care and relaxation. 

She remembered a Japanese self-heating mask she tried back in the 90s and quickly asked a friend to send her a few. Thanks to the mask, she felt refreshed and bright-eyed after her long business flights.

There were a few ways Louisa felt the mask could be improved on, so she took it upon herself to create a new, self-heating eye mask for the modern person. By combining comfort, ease of use, self-heating technology, and a fun aesthetic, Popmask was finally born!

*Popband London sells “The World’s Kindest Hair-ties,” providing a strong hold while leaving no dent in your hair! You can follow them on Instagram at @lovethepopband.

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